Lita Technologies Pte. Ltd. was founded as a software and gaming company in Singapore. Relying on rich experience and unique understanding in Southeast Asia market, Lita Technologies is focus on developing and publishing applications and games.

Lita Technologies has an advanced independent research and development system;the ratio of technical staffs is up to 70%. Lita Technologies has accumulated a considerable number of patents in 4 areas: storage technology, data mining, distributed network and engine technology.

Lita Technologies is committed to offer stimulating and entertaining multi-platform gaming experiences for players of all ages and societies. Players could easily download Lita games in the version which suits them better, through mobile terminal, computer as well as TV to enjoy Lita games by followng the motto "Anywhere and Anytime".

In the future, Lita Technologies will continue to focus on developing applications and games, deepening market penetration and continually expanding its global business, improving users' experience while enhancing the incomes to fulfill the goal of Lita Technologies——to build a leading centennial brand of online applications and games .